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::Photo Gallery of sintered 3D parts
We work with following powdered compositions:
1. Metal - polymer and bimetal powdered compositions; 2. Functional graded powdered compositions; 3. Powdered compositions, traditionally used in technologies of Self-High Temperature Synthesis (SHS).
::Meso and Nano structures under SLS/M
Here is present some results of our researches in Meso /Micro, Nano/ - Electro - Mechanical Systems (MEMS -NEMS) synthesis.

Laser Direct Energy Deposition:

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:: Full content of my publications for the last three years is presented on the Web site of Samara brach of LPI.

Below you can find papers and reports, which were published in per-reviewing foreign journals and proceeding only (the complete texts of some publications can be found in the scientific exchange networks - ResearchGate.net and Mendeley.com). The Russian page includes papers in the "local" Russian journals and patents.

a) Monographies, chapters in monographies and text books:

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b) Papers at reviewed journals:
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